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Brandon Nichols


Have spent the better part of a day peanut-buttered over the past two weeks trying to set-up meaningful binary trend logs in Johnson Controls Metasys M5...it seems no matter what point attribute I select (STATUS, VALUE, STATUS_DISP, COS_DEF) the trend log data returns either all zeros or is blank. However, the 'Trend History' (the 24-hour history maintained on all points by Metasys) shows clearly that the STATUS attribute is changing from 'On' to 'Off'. But I cannot seem to capture these events in the long-term

Analog values have been no problem--they seemed very simple to implement.

One objective of this trending exercise is to track equipment starts and stops (i.e. cycles), so while knowing whether a boiler is on or off every 15 minutes is OK, what we REALLY want to capture is the change-of-state events, i.e. when the boiler is commanded to start or stop and when it actually starts or stops. Totalizing run hours would also be helpful.

Can anyone give me a two-minute tutorial? I'm surely overlooking something obvious...

Brandon Nichols, PE
Coffman Engineers
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Receieved this newgroup reply (alt.hvac, sci.engr.control, sci.engr.heat-vent-ac) yesterday (thanks Pete):

I had a similar problem with the M-TREND software. I had to upgrade the software in the N32 controller to get any trending to happen. As you stated I had the trend history status changing, but nothing would import in to the
M-TREND software. Once software was upgraded, away it went.

P.S. jci's tech support on this sucks!!!!
The Trend feature in metasys is only for analog data. the history feature is for binary change of states. If you goto history data under the goto menu you will get all the change of states for 24hrs.