low cost I/O cards for modicon


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Suraj Mutha

Hi All, I am looking for low cost I/O card which can work with the modicon PLCs. Typically my cost for the I/O card is about 70% of the PLC cost. I want to reduce this cost. I am interested in getting Digital I/O, Analog I/O cards. Can anyone supply Modicon compatible cards. Regards Suraj.
Well the first thing that needs to be asked is which Modicon PLC? Are you looking for modules that mount on the rack or networked modules? There are ways to save money with the Momentum family of I/O networked from the PLC. Modbus Plus or Ethernet, Interbus, Devicenet, etc. The Interbus communciations adapters for Momentum I/o bases are very cheap, and you can use the Interbus master for Quantum or Compact with them.


Hakan Ozevin

Phoenix or Weidmuller would help? However I have doubts about being "low cost". Is there someone who knows a reliable distributed I/O manufacturer (for Modbus, profibus, interbus) with a price less than 15 USD/digital 50 USD/analog I/O? (per point, complete with terminals, except for the interface unit) Please let me know. Hakan Ozevin
Hi Suraj Look at the momentum modules, They can either be configure as DIO (distributed I/O) on ModbusPLUS or ethernet UTP. MB+ on any modicon CPU with a MB+ port. Ethernet on the Quauntum or momentum CPUs. Rob E.

David McGilvray

Hakan, Take a look at VIPA (www.vipa.de). Good looking I/O, fairly inexpensive (close, I think, to your price requirements stated below), and coupler modules accept embedded control logic! Very impressive. dwm