magelis modbus master of atv58


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Jose Pabon

I have a Magelis terminal XBT-F connected to (3) drives ATV58 and a PLC tsx37 using modbus rs-485. The magelis is the master and the plc and drives are slaves. I need to transfer the atv58 data to the plc and plc data to atv 58 using the magelis.

Is it possible?
What is the best method to do that?
The short answer is no, you cannot link information from the plc to the drive or vice versa using the magelis as the middle man. The
magelis has no way to provide the links. The best solution would be to connect the magelis to the PLC throught one port, and through a
different port link the plc to the drives. In this way the plc is the master to the drives and the magelis is the master to the plc. Them
you can use the plc to transfer data from the drives to the magelis and vice vers.

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

No, it is not possible using only one Modbus network. Modbus is a master/slave network, and in
your application you need two devices initiating the communication.

The solution will depend on what TSX37 CPU you have. It must be a TSX37-2x, because these models
accept a second communication port. You have to consider a communication PCMCIA card TSXSCP114.
In this way the XBT-F can be the master of the PLC at the TER port, and the PLC can be the master
of the drives at the SCP114 card.

There is a solution using only one network, if you change from Modbus to Unitelway. Unitelway is
a server/client network, so the slaves can talk with other slaves. But probably it will be more
expensive, because you will have to order the Unitelway board to each ATV58, while Modbus is
integrated behind the display of the ATV58 units.
On Modbus protocol the XBT MAGELIS is always master, but you can use the XBT function keys to take a value (or a string) in an equipment (ATV for example) and copy the object into an other equipment (PLC for example), the operator has to do it manualy...