Market size of factory automation

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We are a company focussed specifically in the area of software development for motion and are interested in the market size of US, Canadian, European, Japanese, Australia and the Far Eastern market for the software development related to motion control, simulation and HMI/ SCADA for these regions. We are also keen to find out the total market size of factory automation. Factory automation is a loose term but it would encompass: PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTATION HMI / SCADA MOTION CONTROL SOFTWARE RELATED TO FA PERSONELL FOR FA SOFTWARE SERVICES FOR FA SYSTEM INTEGRATORS EDUCATION AND TRAINING FOR FA virtually anything and everything related to FA. I would request for a response from any quarter. THANKS AND REGARDS. Anand Jambholkar Managing Director L.S.Mechatronics PVT. LTD.

James Trounson

Estimates $67B worldwide now growing to $99B in 2003 35%US 25%Japan That would make US about $25B which sounds about right. Rockwell Automation just bought Allen Bradley. They are focused almost exclusively on the automation market and Are about $10B/yr. I'm sure they are single biggest player. Second in US is probably GE who has just acquire Honeywell and reps Fanuc in US. Remainder is fragmented over 100's of small companies. Does that help?

Keith Glasser

Does anyone have any additional information regarding the size of the market for Industrial Automation products?

I am particularly interested in the US and Japanese markets.

Thank you.