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Dear sirs,
In our factory, We have a number of machines in our production line. Here I want to monitor the all machinery running hour separately in my common room itself or on the machine. While the machine is running the meter should work, otherwise shouldn't work. Can anybody give the idea for this project?


Michael Griffin

You need to define what you mean by "running", what time resolution you need, how secure the accumulated time value needs to be, and also what
resources are available to use on the machine.
If all you want to know is if there is power applied to some part of the machine, there are hour meters which will run as long as power is applied to them. An elapsed time timer could do the same thing at a higher resolution, but a lower maximum time. You could hook one of these to a circuit in the machine which is on when the machine is "running".
Alternatively, if you have a PLC, a display, and the ability to program the PLC, you could program a timer which can be viewed on the display. However, if you need to be certain of the correct running time over long periods of
time (e.g. to schedule preventive maintenance) this method has the disadvantage that the time is lost when the PLC program is reloaded from a

Michael Griffin
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We have already completed such project few years ago. The idea is to take a digital input signal from the machine and bring it to PC via an digital
input card. The software we developed was in accordance with the factory requirements. The project was in the pencil factory where are allot of machines. Afternoon and night shifts were the most interesting to watch.

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H. Zelenka
Dear Sir,

Icon Technologies can provide networked meter by bus technology for your application. Bus
technology reduces the cable requirement as all the I/O will be networked. We are doing similar applications for pulse output electronic meters.


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dear sir

i am sorry to respond so late but i haven't access my mail box since a lot of time but i am working on some similar project the basic idea is to implement a counter for every machine which takes a pulse every min from a 1/60 hz generator which is only enabled when the machine is on more over this counter is connected in my project to a 89c52 microocontroller to view the results on a lcd which also have someoutputs for those numbers if u want further control