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Hi !! Im trying to reprogram a mitsubishi PLC mod. K2ACPU ( a very old one); im reading the program from a similar cpu, via a K7PU hand held programer. But i ran into this instruccions "SYO" and "DAI"; i have the K7PU manual, but doesn´t have those instruccions. Sombody told that i can´t program this instruccions via the K7PU, only via software; i got the medoc software but i need a special cable to connect the cpu K2ACPU and nobody have any idea what kind of cable i need, i only have the one for the fx series. Can any one help me, with the steps to program this instruccions via the K7PU or with the cable to connect to the cpu K2ACPU. Thaks!! ATTE David E Hernandez