MKVIe Certification Test


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I need a GE FSE test Example for MKVIe CONTROL Certification. How I can prepare to get it, than what are the source that can help

I'm curious to know why you believe there is such a test for field service personnel? (There is a prevailing belief in the OEM that engineers are no longer required for servicing and commissioning heavy duty gas turbine control systems, that technicians can do the job just as well for less money.)

In my experience, the OEM doesn't have a standardized test for their field service personnel.

And, what are you expecting to pay for this knowledge/experience/test and certification? Are you going to be paying for this out of your own pocket, or is your company going to be paying?

This test is carried by the company to certify your knowledge in control MKVIe. I know is not required in other companies but some of them ask for.
As a technician with degrees in engineering and information systems, why do you suggest that techs are incapable of commissioning a turbine?
Techs have been correcting engineer mistakes for many decades.