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Peppino Lisi

I need to send to the SCADA Telegyr TG8000 (on Unix Platform) via IEC60870-5-101 data mapped in PLC Quantum Memory in Time Stamping mode.
I'm looking for hardware wich enable the conversion beetween Modbus Time stamped (or Modbus TCP-IP) and IEC60870-5-101 and conserv the time mark.

We have standard Modbus (serial,TCP-IP)/IEC60870-5-101 converters available with us. As you are having time stamp along with the data in PLC's Registers we will require to do some customization in our modbus driver to support the
same. Also the time synchronization procedure(if any) need to customized since modbus does not have a standard specification for timestamp and time synchronization. We can customize it based on the details provided about the
format of timestamp, method of time synchronization etc. Currently if u do not have any such standard procedures available in your PLC, then we can provide you the solutions which we generally use for such kind of requirements. For any further details you can contact me directly.

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Zdenko Pavic

I try to find a software for the same purpose. We doing our job on the hardware (RS485- RS232) and soon we will be finished, but I wonder if you can give me idea where I can find a software for it?

Best regards
Zdenko Pavic

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