modbus to unitelway


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laurentiu lungu

is there any converter modbus serial - unitelway?
i wanna know if it's possible to introduce a twido in an unitelway network.

Michael Tuckwell

It is not possible to connect a twido which uses the Modbus protocol to a Unitelway network. If you're using Unitelway then I have to assume that you have existing TSX37 Micro or TSX57 Premium Telemecanique PLCs. You will need to use a Modbus PCMCIA card from the Micro/Premium to make a modbus network to the Twido. Alternatively if your TSX Premium is connected to an ethernet network you could use a Modbus ethernet gateway such as a 174CEV30020 or ETG1000 to connect the Twido. There is also now available a Twido that has a Modbus/TCP port.