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We have a Modicon TSX Premium PLC-Processor TSX PSY1610. The "Low Battery Alarm" was active on local HMI for some months until the PLC stopped working yesterday. What is the software used to program the modicon premium PLC and how can I talk to the processor?

Thank you

You will need Schneider Unity Pro Medium, Large or Extra Large programming software (dependent on your CPU model. The TSXPSY1610 you mentioned is a power supply) and to talk to the processor via the software you will need a n 8-way female mini-DIN connector programming cable. Next you will need to replace the battery

The PLC should remain running with the alarm on but you may have had a power failure in which case the configuration is probably gone.
You will need to locate a copy.

The battery is normally changed without removing the power, at least that's the way it was when I last used Modicon.

If you don't want to go to the expense of purchasing the software I'm sure you can find a consultant to reload it for you.
Roy is correct. I made the assumption that the reason that your PLC stopped working was due to a power interruption in which since the battery was dead then your program would be bits distributed throughout cyberspace or somewhere like that. Hopefully you have an archived copy somewhere to go off of. Like Roy said, contact a integrator or find a Schneider ACE distributor.