Need small, accurate servo drive system


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I need some ideas for an accurate, repeatable drive system. I need max. 6 Nm torque. The duty cycle of the motor will be very low and the velocity is really an issue. I need to move between 10 - 20 degrees with an accuracy of 1%.

Ideally I would like to control the drive position via a Siemens step7 PLC via profibus or MPI. If not I would consider another comms protocol.

If this is still not possible then I would consider a separate control system for just handling the drive positioning, providing it's not too expensive.

Has anyone got any experiance of such an animal??
If all you are doing is going back and forth, or indexing, any standalone motion control amplifier will do that has a handful of digital IO. Some folks call these "smart" amps digital amplifiers, and things like that. Check out Copley, Elmo, and AMC.


Davis Gentry

You need to specify how accurate, and how small.
What is the feedback? There are a number of vendors who sell intelligent amplifiers with varying degrees of capability. If your requirements are low there are a huge number of possibilities out there. The higher your requirements the fewer the players.

We have one, two, or four axis intelligent drives capable of fully coordinated motion, or uncoordinated motion, point to point or complex multidimensional trajectories, with very high feedback resolution and servo loop closure. Six or eight axis intelligent drives are coming this year. Please feel free to contact me directly offline at [email protected]
for specific info about our capabilities if you are interested.

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I think that if you use few fixed points for positioning, that Ken Emmons, Jr's suggestion with standalone motion controller with build-in amplifier (Copley, Elmo,AMC) will be good idea. But even you need to change desired position, you may perform that by analog output from S7 PLC without any additional protocols.