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Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have recently realised that the idea I have
always had that PC's are there to make life easier, is probably the stupidest misconception of my life!!!!

I have an otherwise normal PC that will not allow
the server service to start, event viewer reports that there is not enough server storage to start the service.

I have deleted entire network services and
adapters and re-installed, this does not help. The machine runs on the network, can be
accessed by programs such as remote administrator and sees all the other machines on my netwrok.

This machine is an upmarket PIII with 512 meg of
RAM, gigabytes of empty disk space, the storage space referred to is obviously not this type of storage.

There are only the basic environment variables set
so it is not out of this type of storage. I thus conclude I do not know what server storage is, my text books don't help me, they obviously figured I knew this before I started reading.

I am stumped and it is not the first time I have
bumped into this one but it has always been fixed before by killing the network and re-installing.

Oh I forgot to mention this is Win NT4 with
service pack 6a. I have used 6a many many times and never had trouble with it, so I don't think it is specific to the service pack either.

Someone please help!!!!

Donald Pittendrigh

Michael R. Batchelor

The last time I saw this problem was with an Intel EtherExpress model somethingorother. As I recall we fixed it with a newer set of drivers. You might also reinstall the SP6A, especially if
you've uninstalled and reinstalled the network. The majority of SP6a is a patch in the network code, and uninstalling and reinstalling the network overrights the service pack with the
original bugs.

Michael R. Batchelor - Industrial
Informatics & Instrumentation, Inc.

Alex Pavloff

Look at Microsoft Knowledge base articles

The Microsoft Knowledge base should always be the first place you look when
have a problem. Just do a search on the error string and you'll usually get
some sort of hit.

Alex Pavloff
Software Engineer
Eason Technology
Reinstall the service pack. I've seen this before - caused by installing a network service or protocol after installing the service pack.

Dan Hazel
Rockwell Automation

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

Thanks Michael and Alex for the good advice, the MS - KB gave me the info I needed to understand the problem, I won't forget that one, it was in
fact Service pack 6a that was overwriting one of the SYS files in the latest just released drivers for the Intel pro100S network card, thus causing the server storage thing or stopping the network card from starting at all, took me about 15 mins to sort out after I read th KB articles.

Live & learn.

Donald Pittendrigh

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

Thats not even a little bit funny. I am not using
this PC to play TV games and write minutes of the
tea club meetings, and unfortunately I am bound by
my customers choice of vendors as to what software
runs on what and where.

Donald Pittendrigh


I suppose 'Linux Running Samba' Isn't what you want to hear, although at my last job, it fixed my NT4 SP6a server problems....

What are you trying to serve? Simple file and print services? Database? Something else?

Did you try reloading all of windows? Plus the service packs and other patches? Something may have corrupted....

Not much help, I am afraid, but I offer what I can.....

Anyone else remember when Automation was supposed to provide us with more leisure time? (ha ha ha)

--Joe Jansen
This is one error I have experienced, but have not seen documented.

I went to MS for their input on the error once upon a time. I was instructed to re-install the SP after NT configuration changes especially with the network services. I tried it, it worked, and has always resolved this particular error for me.


> Thats not even a little bit funny.

I wasn't joking. It would fix your problem, permanently.

> I am not using this PC to play TV games and write minutes of the tea club meetings,

Then why are you using a game and office platform?
I can state categorically that all the people who
want to play games and write minutes for the tea club would be members of the Windows target demographic and unlikely to select Linux for those purposes, unless for some reason they needed reliability and freedom from the bizarre problems you describe. I have fixed many machines
with Service Pack RH7.1. Mostly when folks get tired of stuff like you describe

> and unfortunately I am bound by
> my customers choice of vendors as to what software
> runs on what and where.

That's a more valid problem. And yes, it is unfortunate. There is a bright side, they'll be calling you again.


>I have fixed many machines
> with Service Pack RH7.1. Mostly when folks get tired of
> stuff like you describe

Geez Curt -- the guy followed the same steps to solve his problem that he would have followed with a Linux problem, and you turn around use this to go off on your Linux/Windows spiel again.

When I have problems with Linux (and I do), I go look on a newsgroup, search the web, etc etc. Problems exist in ALL the OSes and the various pieces of them, and most of these problems are fixable. In this case, the problem was a known issue, and it had a simple solution which solved the problem.

Since by this time we all know that you (don't like Microsoft/Hate Windows/Think Linux is the Be-All-End-All of platforms), may I suggest the
following sig:

Linux is better than Windows for automation
101 reasons at www.curt-wuollet.com/LinuxIsBetterThanWindowsForAutomation

Then, once you get your 101 reasons all set up, all you have to do is respond to a post with a list of numbers. Heck, you can set up an auto-responder bot to scan posts for keywords, and automatically post the list of numbers.

What's my point? We don't need to be hammered day in and day out with "Linux is better for Automation" posts -- we know what you think, we've read it before, and constant harping on the subject is just liable to plunk you into the "zealot" column. No one listens to zealots -- and that won't help you trying to get Linux adopted as a primary platform in automation.

Alex Pavloff
Software Engineer
Eason Technology
When the fuel injectors in my truck were causing me troubles, I went and had them serviced. I did not replace the entire engine.

Is this the Linux Automation mailing list or the Automation Mailing list? Yes, there is a difference.

Jeff Dean
[email protected]
My apologies Alex.

Actually, I offered to help the best way I know how and was rebuked with a comment that Linux is somehow for tea parties and games. That was rude. I thought it apropos to dispel this bit of misinformation. Agendas are hardly conspicuous by their absence in this forum, please forgive me for having one too. I think, if you'll check, most of my posts are in direct response to a request for help. That I approach the problem from a different direction than the majority perspective seems to be quite helpful on occasion. I too could have suggested he reboot and reload everything but, no doubt, that would
have annoyed you also and is less than helpful. Feel free to criticize when I offer a solution that _won't_ work. Some people may need a lower cost alternative solution. My business is mostly fixing problems that way and the post was from my area of expertise.

I'll ignore the diatribe regarding my .sig, It merely reflects what I do, same as yours and shouldn't be offensive to anyone.



Donald Pittendrigh

Hi ccw and Others

It may be of interest to you to know I run a Debian connection server in my office, this was prompted by the code red worm.

It may further interest you to know that I am planning a major sales assualt on my clients to change their ways, I am planning to run some tests on Red Hat 7.2 and oracle 9i as soon as time permits, I am planning to include in this research the use of PLC direct I/O gear and have looked with some interest at the Puffin PLC project for ideas for the future. I just don't
know why it is so difficult for others to see the light, it is difficult in these times with the South African currency deep in the dwang, for a
business the size of mine to put up the time and capital to be able to go to a client and persuade him to commit his expensive plant equipment to a
product he sees as being in the hacker domain and obviously of dubious value as he can download it for free from the internet. Bill has got into their minds to such a degree that he actually has them regarding anything free as being suspicious. This is a sick situation to be sure.

As to the remainder of this reply to the reply to the reply to my original mail (which problem has been solved thanks to help from the list members)..... I am not sure how much is tongue in cheek and how much is substantial issue taking, but I can only say I concur.

Donald Pittendrigh
Hi Jeff

That's true if the problems are minor and infrequent.

When you have finally had enough problems with your car, you get another one even if it's only a year old. And you are likely to try another make. Of course, you have a choice in cars.

I wasn't aware that this was a Microsoft only list. It is a valid solution for server problems and intended as such. And it was much more polite than the response.


You might consider then Linux as a Fuel Injector cleaner, or Ferrari performance for your PC.

In comparison Windows products such as NT run more like the truck you drive.

You are right - There is a difference!

Paul Jager

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

The comment to which ccw refers is taken out of context, the criticism to which he refers was directed at Win???? not Linux, I suppose it could still be construed to be rude however I find it interesting that if I was ambiguous and my intention unclear, ccw is the only defender of the Linux faith. This concerns me as his message is obviously not getting thru. (see previous comments from another list member about zealots). What makes it doubly interesting is that assuming my comment was not ambiguous, not one person bothered to defend Bill.

Makes you think, doesn't it.

Donald Pittendrigh
Talking about NT4 is like talking about pneumatic PLC's. Win 2000 and Win Xp are the current OS's from M$.

Hopefully your issue would have been resolved in these new OS's.

CD writing that is given with XP does not work properly as per a friend. Several drivers of Win 98 etc. are incompatible so you may have to buy
some drivers too so please check the details about your hardware where XP is concerned. But it seems that XP is rock solid once it gets going.