OFS Server Configuration

Hello Guys,

i need your help or instructions about a situation that has all my attention and concentration taken but i can't figure out with a solution.
i have a Modicon M580 PLC (Schneider electric) it has to communicate with a server containing OFS 3.6 and i have another PC that has Citect Scada installed in (OPC and Citect aren't in the same machine), also i have Siemens s7-400 PLC ,so there is what i need:
OFS got to Read tags from these PLCs( M580 and S7-400) and Citect in Client Mode needs to Read/Write all the variable in the OPC it's like my Scada will be able to Read and write variable from these tow PLCs via the OFS Server. I've tried anything to establish this communication and here i'm with nothing working.

hope you guys could help me or just give me some useful instructions, thank you ^^