Omron CVSS block comment quantity limitation


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David Adams

Does anyone know of a patch for CVSS that will increase the allowed number of block comments from the 512 limitation. I am creating a program for a customer using CVSS and have reached the limit but still need to write more code and would like to continue to document the rungs. I know I can convert to CX Programmer or Syswin or CPT, but would rather not at this stage of the development.

As far as I know then all programmings software on this world for Omron (CVSS, Syswin current version CX program and the japanees product(s)) will all join in ONE new programming tool CX programmer version 2. This programming tool is released in Europe. Knowing this and consulting your lokal Omron seals office I would rethink your chose in not using CX programmer in this stags of youre project. I use CX programmer last version.

Good luck, Sisko Bos
Application enigineer Omron
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