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Can someone tell me w'thr C40P can output a relay (eg. "0511") twice or more?

here's the coding sample:

0000 LD 0105
0001 AND 0107
0002 AND 0109
0003 OUT 0511 ----> (a)
0004 LD 0005 ----> (b)
0005 OUT 0511 ----> (b)

CAN THIS CASE be done?
I'd tried those simple coding. Only (b)was output. Case (a) never make a contact. Can somebody help me on this? Please email me.
"[email protected]"

the unit i'm using is OMRON C40P Sysmac

Thank You.

Best Regards,

Trevor Ousey

Hi Faizul,

Most PLC's will update the output registers at the end of the PLC scan and input registers at the start. So if the result of lines 0000 to 0002 are true, 0511 is set to 1 but the actual output is not updated yet, line 0004 will then set the state of 0511 at line 0005, which overrides the result at 0003, and sets the actual output at the end.

Hope this makes sense.