OPC and Freelance


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I'm trying to import variables from a third party, remote OPC server into Freelance.

For starters, I should say that I did verify the data remotely with a test client. Problem is, Freelance doesn't show any variables available for import, even though it does post a connection in the project tree. The OPC server log doesn't show any such connection, nor does it launch automatically (as it should, when called, correct?)

Apparently, Digivis is supposed to act as an OPC client, but shouldn't I be configuring that somehow?

It all seems pretty flakey, I have imported said variables with the third party OPC server loaded locally on the Engineering Station. That screams DCOM but, I've only been successful twice out of 5 tries. And remember, I can import the vars remotely with the test client.

Thoughts? Any help would be most appreciated!
One thing to be said for importing the tags. Make sure the OPC server and client are of the same version. Some V2.0 complient clients cannot browse V1.0 complient servers. If this is the case, you will have to add the tags manually.