OPC Client communication with Diasys Netmation OPC server


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We are trying to built a OPC client application using LabVieW 2016. We have tested our application with 3 third party OPC servers (Matrikon, Kepware & NI). The developed client tool is running with all them.

We have also tested the COM/DCOM settings and network settings between the Netmation OPC and AI application servers. The settings are correct. But still the OPC client application is not connecting to the Server. It is not able to detect the groups & items.

Has anybody had such issue during client development. What work around did one try in this case?

Fred Loveless

It could be the version of OPC That is supported by the Server. For instance if it only supports OPC 3.0 and you client only does OPC 2.0 calls you would not be able to browse the server to see the groups and items.