Opening IGV Full for DLN GE Frame 9E Gas Turbine While Going to Base lLoad


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We have GE Gas Turbine DLN Frame 9 E machine. Can We open IGV to full 84 degree at 40 MW while loading to base load. ?

No; the OEM's control philosophy and general programming practice does NOT allow operators to open the IGVs above the calculated reference.

There is usually an IGV display on the HMI, and there is sometimes (not always) a couple of buttons/targets which will allow an operator to <i>decrease</i> IGV angle to something less than the calculated reference angle, but not to increase the IGV angle to something more than the calculated reference angle. This is to protect the axial compressor.

Many GE-design heavy duty gas turbines with conventional (diffusion flame) combustors (that is, units without DLN combustion systems) also have the ability to enable or disable IGV Exhaust Temperature Control via buttons/targets on the IGV display. Enabling IGV Exhaust Temperature Control causes the turbine control system to keep the IGVs closed as much as possible during Part Load operation (loads less than Base Load) in order to maximize exhaust temperature, which is helpful when producing steam with the gas turbine exhaust. Disabling IGV Exhaust Temperature Control causes the turbine control system to allow the IGVs to follow their normal "schedule" (programming) and this results in lower exhaust temperatures at Part Load.

If you could explain what you are trying to accomplish--and a little more about the machine at your site (combustion system; fuel; exhaust configuration; etc.) we might be able to provide some more information.

Hope this helps!

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