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Laura Montiel

I have Projects in PanelBuilder32 for PanelViews 900. These will be replaced with PanelViews 1000, which I understand cannot use PanelBuider32. Instead they have to be programmed and/or downloaded using RSView. Can PanelBuilder32 projects be converted to RSView with no problem?

Will all the database and objects (and their properties) remain the same?
PanelView 1000 still uses PanelBuilder32.
PanelView 1000e uses panel builder 1400e.

RSView is used on a PC with RSLinx to talk to the PLCs. More for status info then a push button box replacement. I do not know of any converters between the 2.

Nathan Boeger

Correct. I think OP's referring to the newer Supervisory Edition series that uses a more similar platform. That is, RSView SE and Panelview Pluses (higher series) use RSView Studio. There's some compatibility between developing HMI apps for the new, distributed HMIs and the new panelviews.

As far as I know, the OP's out of luck with HMI/panelview project compatibility with that series. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Nathan Boeger
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Laura Montiel

Thank you for your answer. About PanelView 1000e I didn't know and for PanelView 1000 I used PanelBuilder32 Firmware Utility to download the Firmware on a new PanelView1000.