Protocol conversion from CANopen to MODBUS


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Is it possible to convert the signals from CANopen protocol to MODBUS protocol using PLC
etc. We want to interface the system to our MAX-1000 DCS using MODBUS protocol.
I believe the Modicon Premium PLC can communicate both CANopen and Modbus (with additional modules). Perhaps you could build a bridge with a low-end Premium processor.

Other vendors of bridges I know of:
Prolinx (don't think they do CAN yet)
SST (Woodhead Connectivity)
NR&D (maybe they can do it with their universal communication module for
Quantum of Momentum)


Fernando Capelari - Schneider Brazil

Yes, as Mr K, said, you can use a Modicon TSX Premium PLC.

The minimum configuration should be a CPU 203 with a PCMCIA CARD TSXCPP100 and a communication module TSXSCY21601.

If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to make contact.

I would suggest using a CANopen CPU module from selectron systems which supports directly CANopen on one port and MODBUS RTU thru another RS232 port. Should you require any info. on the same, contact me.

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