Quantum HART Module


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Sheari Rice

I am interesed in finding out more on the Quantum HART Module. I tried to pull up a technical document on the Schneider Electric website but could not access it.

Does anyone have an overview document that describes this module?

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Brasil

I have documentation about that module.

You will not find it in the Schneider Electric website, because it is not a Schneider product. It is a product of a partner, NovaTech Inc.

Certainly you can find information on "http://www.schneideralliances.com":http://www.schneideralliances.com or you can
send me an email to [email protected] and I can answer you with the files attached.

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Fernando Capelari
Schneider Electric Brasil

Tony Carnovale

There is also the 140ACI43000 that doesn't receive HART but takes the 4-20mA and allows HART terminals to connect. (Has anyone got the specs for this module?)