Quantum Hot-Standby System

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Neena P. Kumtakar

Has anyone used Modicon Quantum Hot-Standby system with the MB+
port of each of the CPUs separately connected to the MB+ ports of the
Bridge Multiplexer BM85-C002?
If yes, what has been your experience?

Thanks in advance.
Neena Kumtakar
Hello Neena,

The BM85-C002 is a redundant media capable BridgeMux. The Two BridgeMux
ports are for one network with Redundant media. They are not for two
seperate networks. If you plug one Quantum into each port only one of the
Quantums will be able to communicate. The other Quantum will sit in limbo.
You can verify this by looking at the MB+ LED on the Quantums. If the LED is
blinking steadily it is participating on the MB+ Network. If the LED blinks
twice then is off for a while then it is not communicating on the Network.

By the way if the LED blinks three times then is off for a while that
indicates that the processor is looking for a MB+ network.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

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