Robotic Arm Controllable Joints


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I am attempting to build a three axis robotic arm that has three motorized knuckles.
The first knuckle will have rotate 270 degrees in one degree increments. (rotate) The motor will have to move the knuckle to a designated angle and lock in. Swivel rate to be 5 degrees per second. The knuckle will have to have enough torque to move the other two knuckles plus a 80 pound end load.
The second knuckle will be connected to the 1st knuckle by a 1 foot horrizonal arm, The second knuckle will provide (swivel angle) of 270 degrees like knuckle #1.
The third knuckle will provide tilt of 270 degrees. Move like the and first and second.
Does anyone know any companies that manufacture programmable knuckles that the ones I describe? Does anyone have any suggestions on what components, hardware and software that could do this? Any takers would be appreciated.