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Leo Olshansky

I'd like to ask the List to express opinions on RSLogix5 ver 4.0 compare tool. I can't name it new because they already had this tool in AI and 6200, but I also can't name it improved since on my opinion it is terrible, non-professional piece of software that cannot be named "commercial application". Please share your thoughts and I ask attention of RSI software enginners to read this thread.

Leo Olshansky,
Hi List,

I was euphoric when I tried this piece of software for the first time. I couldn't believe they finally released this. It enabled me to do my
work, but it took me much longer than anticipated because so much was marked as changed, even if it wasn't. It seemed to mark lines that I viewed recently, but did not change or lines that had the
same structure, but different values. This caused me to view much more than I needed to. I think it would be nice if you could select the type of changes you want to look for. Select between purely structure changes with the ability to find address changes or disregard addresses. the ability to disregard comments, value changes, etc. I am still very thankful that they attempted to give us this. It shows that things are getting better at Rockwell and I for one am looking forward to bigger and better things.