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I have a Home made OCX in an RSView32 Application, to introduce a code in a touchscreen monitor, I use it in a tester when I detect a failure or defect, I clamp the piece I am testing and it is going to be released only by the adecuated person (who has the code). It works good when I log in as an administrator but when log in as user RSView said that con not find the control in hte computer.

I review my code (OCX) and looks good, I found in MS support just to change the security of the OCX file and it will work but it does not.

Have any of you experinced this kind of problem and how did you do to solve it.

Thanks in advance
If you're taking about Windows login, i may have a clue. Some SCADA software like RSView32 are using a lot of Windows resourses. Sometimes you'll fix your problem redefining a Windows "PowerUser" as your day to day user, instead of the default "Simple User". The "Power User" is mid-way between "Administrator" and "Simple User".


Thanks Benoit,
Yea, I am talking about Windows 2000 login, but I already tyr that but the only way to make it work is login as administrator, I have made an installator but still does not work.

The code of the OCX is very simple, I have look at it and looks good to me (not much experience doing this OCX thing).