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Does anyone know how to transfer database and graphics from Rockwell RSView32 to Rockwell PanelBuilder32?

Allen Nelson

To the best of my knowledge, the graphics are completely incompatable. The best you might do is take a screen capture of the RSView and use it as a background for the Panelview screen. You could then develop over top of the bitmap, and remove it when it looks about right.

The database CAN be imported, but it takes lots of work. With RSView open, but using a DIFFERENT project, it is possible to use ODBC to bring the RSView database into Excel (Data | Get External Data... ). The reason RSView must be running is that the tag server must be running for the ODBC call to work. The reason RSView must be looking at a different project is that RSView makes excluse use of the active database. You miy need a login ID and Password. Check the RS Technotes for it

With the right SQL / import, you can get MOST of the info that PanelView will need for its tag database (tag name, description, plc address). The rest you will have to do by hand (Node name is easy, Array Size could be tricky, depending on your PanelView application).

Once it is in Excel, you can either import it, or just do a copy & paste into the PanelView Tag Editor.

Good luck!