RTU unit to integrete to USDATA FactoryLink SCADA


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We are seeking an RTU unit to be used in SCADA and Telemetry systems.
Piomak is a company active for 10 years by now and located in Istanbul, Turkey and Munih, Germany.
For a SCADA system with 10 - 15 control points, usually we are using SLC 500 PLC units as RTUs. We are looking now for a standart RTU unit to be used in more than 100 locations. The SCADA & Telemetry systems we are going to offer are one for a water distribution system and the othe one is for Gas distribution.
Piomak is using USDATA factoryLink for the last 8 years and we have good experaince in the package.
The recomended RTU must have a driver for FactoryLink.
I suggest you GE-Harris Wesdac RTUs. These RTUs has communicate with USDATA FactoryLink and support many protocols (more than 130).

If you interest you can contact in Turkey,

+90(262)656 47 67
[email protected]
Take a look at TESCO Controls.
They manufacture a RTU with operator interface that can be used with Factory Link.
They are very familiar with Water and wastewater type installations.

contact me and I can get you more info on your particular application and I/O.