Running AI 500 under Windows 2000 and XP Pro


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Dan Chu

AI 500 8.18 would not run under Windows 2000 or NT. Returned error code "Not originating in real mode"
I have an old copy of AI500 8.15 hanging around. This is how I got it to work when Windows XP came out.
1. Go to the AB500.exe file in Windows Explorer
2. Right click on the file and choose properties.
3. Click on the Compatibility Tab
4. Check the box for Run in Compatibility Mode
5. Choose Windows 95 mode in the pull-down list
6. Check the three other boxes to set screen resoulution to 640x480, run with 256 colors and disable visual themes.
7. Click on apply.
Close the window and try again. The program should now open up in a window. One note, I have yet to try to communicate with a PLC using the old AI software, we have been using RSLogix500 for about three years. I only know how to do this from my beta testing experiences with XP. I just tried to see if I could get the old DOS based program to somehow run in XP. I really didn't do more than open it and then open up a ladder to see if it worked.

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