SCADA Communication between Mitsubishi FX0N-40MR-ES and Schneider IGSS 11.0


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I am new to this and this will most likely frustrate most. But here goes.

I have a Mitsubishi FX0N-40MR-ES and IGSS 11.0. I want to learn to program SCADA but the tutorials and other information seem to have holes in it. they seem to generate questions than answers.

Am I wasting my time with this config?
What is it I need to learn first?

I can program the PLC watch it in online mode. I am struggling with the "tags" as I do not understand what is I need to program in the PLC to then reference in SCADA. All the literature I read is frustrating, and the people I ask for assistance seem to not really help or provide a working solution. My gut feeling is that people don't want to let out the magic otherwise there will be another magician on stage.

Thanks in advance. I would consider recommendations for a consultant I'd pay that leads to constructive outcome.
You must work in a terrible place.

Question: are you communicating with a direct driver or using OPC? Direct drivers typically use reference addresses, OPC typically links databases and can use tags with the end device without actual reference addresses.

Tags (symbols, variables) are unique identifiers in the PLC (controller) program. They may or may not have a fixed address. If they have a fixed address (located), then it is easy to read/write to the addresses. If they do not have a fixed address (unlocated) then reading/writing is more difficult. The "host" must link to the tag and not a fixed address. This link must be "smart" since each re-compile of the project in the PLC (controller) will, in fact, relocate the location where the project "stores" the information related to the tag.

This is easy to demonstrate and I hope that you find somebody to help you. Can you call a local trade school or technical college and talk with an instructor who teaches plcs?
Thanks for your reply. I thought this was going to be another hot potato.

Well in Australia we are a bit backward and where I live is a bit close to a third world in the things we don't have access to.

1. I am using the 7TMELFX in IGSS, I was just playing around and started getting data coming out (new and exciting from the other bashing of heads) 000D, 000B, 0006 are common data packets coming out not sure how I interface with. 000D seems to be linked with X000, guessing?

Trade school here is a bit limited to the trade is getting dumbed down every year to suit contractors work.