SCADA for S7-300


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Jamil Mansoor

I'm Jamil Mansoor, Automation Engineer in a textile Industry. I will be using an S7-300 next month and I would like to know what best SCADA
packages would best go along with the PLC (I will be working on a project of Heat Recovery system).
Also, I would like to know what good general automation magazines (hardcopy) are available so that I can subscribe to keep up-to-date with
latest automation trends (the magazine should contain New products, automation company news and tutorials).
Any help on these 2 questions are most welcome.

Danie Volschenk

There are so many excellent SCADA packages available that recommending a single package would be advertising. If you know the amount of I/O you require it will be easier to narrow down the field. Many of the suppliers have option packages that you can look at. From 30I/O to unlimited I/O. I have had good experiences with Intellution (Fix), Rockwell, Citect, Wonderware, WinCC and others. Draw up a definition of what you need and what you intend in the long run and take it from there.