Scada/HMI software which support IEC 870-5-101

There is a Citect driver for IEC 870-5-101. Last time I looked at it (some time ago now) it was in late beta, so whether it has now been formally released I am not 100% sure. Certainly I know people who are using it.

If you would like more info, let me know and I'll see what I can find out.

Mark Rogers
Citect (UK) Ltd

Glen P. Najera

IEC 870-5-101 is a European based SCADA protocol used for the electric utility industry. This is similar to DNP 3.0 "de facto" standard in the US. It is an upstream protocol. Refer to IEC 870-5-103 which is a downstream protocol meaning, from the RTU to IEDs, as compared to the upstream protocol, which is from RTU to the MMI or front-end processors.


constantin yamkoudougou

dear sir
i am sorry of not to be able to supply your needs but i'd like to know if you may tell me where to get IEC 870-5-101 technical specifications. I just want to see the difference with a similar protocol which is modbus

constantin yamkoudougou
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Hi Mr Rusnadi,

We are from Willowglen Services (Singapore), a SCADA System Integrator. Our Syslink HMI software do support that IEC 870-5-101 protocol.