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I have AllenBradley PLCs on Ethernet. I have RSLinx OEM installed on my server. I want all my clients to be able to access data (The clients do not have RsLinx). What are my alternatives? Can I use the RSLinx OPC server to serve the remote clients which do not have rslinx? or Do I need to write my own OPC server which is capable of serving remote clients and talks to Rslinx to get the data?
If memory serves me correctly, you will need to upgrade RSLinx to at least professional in order to use the OPC functions. So that means that even if you write your own application, you will still need to upgrade Linx.

Otherwise, you can upgrade to RSLinx Gateway and have that functionality without a custom application.

Either way, you need to upgrade Linx.


paul cunningham

We had a similar situation and used a shared excel workbook to share the data across an existing lan. One station gathered the data to a shared workbook with a protected sheet2 (raw data) which was referenced by Sheet1 in the format most suitable to the end users. The remote stations could open another sheet with DDE links to the original.

Paul Cunningham
I have for years had multiple HMI's running their own RSLinx with non issues. It is about data concentration and how you package the data.

Explaining would get long.

One issue would be single point of failure so with all advantages come disadvantages...........

But RSLinx OEM I beleive will not allow external OPC/DDE, but it had been a while since I dealt with this.