Secure Energy Meter to WinCC connection


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I am from India.

I have an energy meter ( Make: Secure, Model: Apex Summator) at main electrical substation from where we purchase energy.

I have got Siemens WinCC SCADA for my production process( ARC Furnace) which utilises 95% of the energy.

I want to control max Demand registered and monitor energy consumption by getting electrical parameters in process automation. Thus I need to connect the above energymeter to SCADA.

The meter flyer talks about various protocols like Modbus/ Ethernet however automation vendor says the meter may not communicate with WinCC. Secure meter people are not responding to my queries.
Pl help by answering my queries.

1. Can some body provide technical manual for above energy meter which gives details of all communication parameters and memory mapping?

2. Is WinCC capable of handling data from such energy meters of third party?

3. Has somebody done it with Secure make? Whom to contact from Secure meters?

Thx in advance.