Siemens in a PALM & AS511


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Cesar Garcia


I'm working in a personal project for use the Palm Pilot IIIxe, like a PG device with Siemens S5 PLC's. The main function is used the PDA for fast evaluation of the program in the Simatic. We have install about, 30 PLC's 115 CPU 944B and several 95U, connected using L2 and H1 industrial networks, and PA5400 and Proleit, like
technologial functions. I need for fast evaluation
1. Check the librarys of the PLC (MESS,MEKOS, Recipes, Communications, etc).
2. Read and Write DB's.
3. Status of PLC I found some information about the AS511 protocol in, but I think that we need more information, If you have please let me know. Now, I can read/write
information from the PLC, DB's and specific position of memory. I think that in a month or two I can have a beta release, I need some (or many) people to test the program. If you used PA5400 or Proleit and do you want to be a beta test write to me.


Cesar Garcia

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