Siemens S5 to S7 I/O Converter ??


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Iain Smith

Has anyone ever seen a 'converter' that would allow an old S5 I/O Connector to be plugged into an S7 I/O Card so that, as part of an S5 to S7 upgrade, we wouldn't have to physically re-wire each cable?? I've checked some of the usual companies such as phoenix and weiland and done an internet search but to no avail!! Any help would be appricated. Iain Smith GCS Ltd UK

Hakan Ozevin

I think that it is possible (without an adapter) if you had crimp contacts in your S5 system. Just unplug the crimps from the S5 connector
and plug it to the S7 connector.
I understand that you ask for a "plug-in adapter" for screw type connectors. Well, maybe connector companies like Phoenix, Weidmuller,
Entrelec are reading these and decide to produce it, who knows?

david mertens

There is a standard S7-400 module (IM462-3 : 6ES7-463-2AA00-AA0) that allows the connection of S5 racks (with IM314) to the S7. We have used
it in upgrade projects where speed was essential and no time was available for rewiring and loop checking. The configuration of the card
allows you to set different S7-side adresses for your S5-side addresses. This way you can keep the rack as it is, replace the CPU with an
IM314 and plug it in the IM462-3, all S5 addresses remain the same, they are translated by the card to new S7 addresses, this way multiple
S5's (with an IM462-3 for each one) can be connected to the same S7 even if they use overlapping address ranges. This is very usefull if you are using a powerfull S7 to replace several smaller or older S5's (Remember that the latest S5-948 CPU is nearly as fast as an S7-416).
However keep in mind that the S5 modules will not be available indefenitely. So this solution is only recommended as a step in replacing the
S5's completely.