Simatic Step 7 Hardware Catalogue


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Neil Woodman

for the Siemens Simatic Step 7 PLC programming software i am looking for a hardware catalogue update that includes the communication processor CP 343-1 (industrial Ethernet)

if anyone can shed some light as to where it is possible to get hold of or download this update then i would be most greatful



Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

The entire Siemens hardware catalog can be accessed and ordered on CD at "": ,de the catalog you are looking for is one of several and is known as CA01 which covers the spectrum of automation and drive products

However I suspet you are actually looking for a manual but that you will also find here by browsing the customer support section.

Hi Neil,

Hardware catalogue updates are only available with STEP7 updates /upgrades and Service Pack upgrades.

STEP7 updates and upgrades are a charge item by Siemens - SP updates are free downloads from the "": web site. Look in the Support area.

Current version is STEP7 V5.1 and SP3.