soda ash solution concentration


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raymond guan

we are asked to make a 4% solution of soda ash(by volume) done by weighing and mixing soda ash. we need confirmation of concentration prior to delivery to client therefore we need a portable measuring equipment to confirm 4% solution

Bob Peterson

You should be able to use conductivity of the resulting solution to determine its concentration.

Contact a manufacturer of high range conductivity measurement equipment (such as Rosemount). They should be able to solve your problem.

Bob Peterson
Any of these should work::
1. Hydrometer. (simple, inexpensive)
2. Pocket refractometer. (neat, portable)
3. Portable conductivity meter. (ditto)
4. Measuring flask and scales. (can achieve good precision)

pH may be too high to be practical.

Talk to a laboratory supply company. They can probably advise which is best for your application.

Vince Dooley