Spam-bot attacks on

Hi all,

Over the past few days we've seen an unprecedented level of attacks on by spam-bots. These are bots which repeatedly attempt to post irrelevant commercial messages to the site (known as comment spam), inviting you to increase the size of your body parts and MAKE MONEY FAST.

Although these comments go nowhere because we are a moderated site, they come in at such a rate that they can disable our webserver. In effect, this becomes a denial-of-service attack -- although more as a side-effect than as an intended effect.

This means that some of you may have experienced difficulty getting to the site or posting your messages over the past few days, and we apologize for this. We've been hard at work adopting monitoring and counter-measures which we think will be effective in combating this latest round.

Best Regards,
Ken Crater, Founder Forum
Nerds in Control LLC