Swap CPU 414 with CPU 413


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We have a program in CPU 414-2DP SIEMENS, I tried to download this program in CPU 413-2DP but the system shows an ERROR (NO sufficient memory area).

Is it possible to change the memory for CPU 413-2DP?
Please write me what can I do?

Daniel Chartier

Hello Khalil;
first check the size of the program that you wish to download to the CPU413-2. For that purpose, right-click on the BLOCS folder of your project, select Object Properties, open the Blocs tab. You will then be shown what the size of your program is in both work and load memory.

The critical value here is the work memory size. If it exceeds 72 kB (the maximum available for a CPU 413-2; a CPU 414-2 can hold 128 kB), you can never download it to a 413-2DP CPU; the work memory is not expandable (except for one model, the most expensive S7 cPU, the S7-417-4H).
On the other hand, if the value of the work memory is below that limit, then you might have too little load memory integrated. You can use a RAM card to extend the load memory; there are many sizes available, up to 4 MB I believe. Check out the MC951 model in the Siemens catakog ST70.
The old S7-400 CPUs (like the 413-2) only had 8 kB of load memory integrated; you absolutely need a RAM or FEEPROM card for the load memory. The minimum acceptable ratio is 1.5 times the work memory; for a 413-2 (72 kB work memory) you would require a 128 kB memory card minimum.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier