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Mike Little

The control vendor we use has released a version of their controller with a TCP/IP interface on it. Up to now, I have only used serial interfaces. Is there a source of information that explains this stuff at a beginner's level? I am very ethernet ignorant. -- Mike Little Application Engineer Motion Science 864-647-5454 x318
Hi Mike, As you want to know basis stuff of TCP/IP, which can be available from any TCP/IP book. Still if you didn't get anything, do write me on my email id as i am having lots of information on TCP/IP. My email ID is [email protected] Regards, Sachin Mane Application Engineer ProcessBiz Technologies

Stan Hoffman

The following links should give you a good start. TCP/IP is the deFacto standard of the Internet. So you will find many references available. Microsoft, Cisco, 3com, and other vendors have many informational papers available online. What aspects of TCP/IP Ethernet are you looking for? Regards, Stan Hoffman, MCSE, CCNA Senior Network Engineer RealEC Houston, TX

Heinz-Juergen Oertel

Another useful link points to some pdf papers at Contemporary Controls: Introduction to Ethernet (Part 1), Fall 1999 ( 255K pdf) Introduction to the Internet Protocol (Part 2), Winter 1999 ( 249K pdf Introduction to the Transmission Control Protocol (Part 3), March-April 2000 (189k pdf) And the ultimative TCP/IP Resource list at: -- with best regards / mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen Heinz-Juergen Oertel Heinz-J=FCrgen Oertel port GmbH phone +49 345 77755-0 Regensburger Str. 7c fax +49 345 77755-20 D-06132 Halle/Saale mailto:[email protected] Germany

Harry Friemann

Can anyone mail me these PDF files, I am interested but was not able to fetch these documents from the net for some unknown reason. Sincerely yours Harry Friemann [email protected]

Diana Bouchard

I also could not retrieve these documents yesterday, but just did so today (Wednesday January 10 at about 2:20 PM Eastern Standard Time). Give it another try. They must have been having problems on their web site. Diana Bouchard ******************************************************************** Diana C. Bouchard Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican) Process Control Group 570 St Johns Boulevard Pointe Claire Quebec H9R 3J9 Canada phone: (514) 630 4100 x2376 fax: (514) 630 4120 email: [email protected] *******************************************************************

Bennet Levine

We have corrected our problem. You should be able to download these documents now. Please let us know if you have any further problems. Bennet Levine ----------------------------------------------------- Contemporary Control Systems, Inc. Phone: (630)963-7070 x102 Fax: (630)963-0109 Email: [email protected] Site: