ultrasonic measure for grain bin


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Ben Dyck

I'm looking for a device to hang from the top of a grain bin to tell me how full the bin is . Can you help me?? Ben
Hello Ben. Just checking? Do you need to detect it at a pre-determined point - we have a paddle sensor for grain. Three or four can be installed at various locations. Or continuous level - watch out for models that "need to be clean" too much dust. Milltronics AiRanger is a good product. We have a few types as well. How much detail do you need? eg ON-OFF control, exact level, relays? In your bin - does grain stack in a cone shape? Thanks Bob Hogg

Brian Kukulski

I have successfully used a Milltronics Miniranger Ultrasonic system on a number a varied installations. Better check that the explosive ratings are sufficient for your enviromnent. One application involved measuring iron ore in a bin. This was a really dusty application and the unit saw through the dust very well. The price is right ~ $1500CAD.
We offer a lot of different devices in several technologies. If you have cold winters you might consider lasers. Do you know how dusty the bin is during fill? Usually dust obscuring the top of the grain clears as the level nears the top and our laser has an output to discriminate between dust and real signal. In general, lasers can measure any level you can see. Arrange a test during the time you're filling to make sure all performance issues are understood before you buy any technology. If you want to look at level technologies from a company that has several technologies, check out www.ktek.corp or drop me a line. Amazing [email protected]

ECG, Ana Maria Batista de Zayas

Hello: Like Ben, we have some bins that receive dust but are fusiforms (has many forms) and wish to know the level in each one. This measure is not on-off, is continuous. Please does somebody know if Milltronics Miniranger Ultrasonic system will get this measure under this conditions of which to do it. Thanks in advance, Ana Email: [email protected]