Unable to load DTM of HART Field Transmitter


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Our system using the HART Protocol Transmitters of Rosemount brand. We have already configured the Preventive Maintenance Server (PMS Server) to remotely manage and monitor all these HART transmitters such as calibration range, current value, series, tag name, ID. It look like as the data you can read when directly connect HART Communicator to Transmitter. As soon as complete configuration for PMS, I log in and want to select one by one transmitter, but the text displayed on the screen as " Unable to load this DTM. Please verify the installation and licensing of this DTM".

I know that may be all the field transmitters are losing the DTM provided from manufacturer. However, I am not for sure how to reconfigured and resolve this trouble. Please, kindly give me any advices on this matters. Thanks
> all the field transmitters are losing the DTM

Wrong. The field transmitters can function without a DTM and do not internally include or maintain a DTM file.

The DTM is the device-specific file that the PMS server software needs in order to talk to and (presumably) allow configuration of the field transmitters.

If the DTM's were 'lost', it/they were lost from the software application, not the field transmitters.

You might very well have a licensing problem. Some versions of Pactware only run the manufacturer's DTM's for free. Other manufacturers' DTM's require a paid license to run. I haven't clue what PMS is, so you'll have to investigate the licensing issue yourself.
Hi David

Thank you so much for your valuable prompt.
Our PMS server is configured with Factory Talk Asset Center software of Rockwell Automation.

It is correct that all the Transmitters function Ok without the DTM.
I am considering that this fault derive from which?? Licensing of Rockwell or Missing DTM file from Rosemount??

If license of software is Ok then how to configure the DTM into this PMS. In my pint of view these DTM can be able download from technical support webpage of Rosemount.

It is more transparent if you take time to look at some picture at

Thank you and hopefully receive your response soon