Using a sigmatel USB IrDa dongle to communicate a Drager Xam 2000 with CC Vision software


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Hi Guys,

I am having trouble configuring the COM port of windows vista for Irda USB dongle hardware to communicate with Drager software CC Vision. The software looks for Irda communication device in the COM port section of device manager. But when i plug in the Irda dongle, it allocates drivers for Irda on a separate tree called Infrared Devices in the device manager. I could find a virtual driver from the following link,, But i can't seem to link the Irda dongle with the virtual COM port created.

Any suggestions on how to configure the driver?

I have the same problem with a sigmatel usb-irda dongle and windows XP. Do you get to solve de issue?

(Googling take me to the same page and it does not work)

Thank you.


Search the forums there should be similar problem but solved. Did you update all the necessary drivers?