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Ward Feldmann

Does anyone know of a manufacturer for V-cone flowmeters that will meet the following specs:

Temp. 1000F
Flow 136 SCFM
Pressure 13.49 psia
wetted parts made of Hastelloy C276
4" Hastelloy C276 line

If anyone has any info please contact me at the given e-mail.

Thank you.

[email protected]
Dear Ward,

It's an honor to meet you on this web site. Since McCrometer was developed, China company has been introduced to produce V-cone flowmeter with new technology and has lower cost than McCrometer but quality equal with them. Kindly contact me if you feel interested it now or in the future.

Best regards

Rohit Chandak

There are few companies in China & Hitrol (I think I spelled it correctly) in South Korea which manufactures V-Cone Meter similar to McCrometer design.

If you are keen at V-Cone I am sure you will be very much impressed with ACCELABAR Flow Meter from Veris, Inc. USA.

Contact: rohit at veris-inc. net to have further information on ACCELABAR.


Rohit Chandak

Dear Mr. Walt,

I apologize for expressing my viewpoint. I have always tried to introduce a product rather than advertising. I will stay within the rules & would appreciate if that is also applicable to everyone who share their view points on their brand & products.

Once again I am sorry & will avoid specifying any specific brand or company.
Since "V-Cone" is a registered trademark name, (not generic like orifice plate) and all of the other postings mention product and company names, I can see nothing wrong with the comment Rohit made. Please clarify your comment about "non-commercial".
Again, if you allow others to promote Preso, ABB, the Chinese manufacturer, McCrometer, etc., I don't understand your resistance to Veris. Please explain to me and others so we can follow your logic. Since the product Rohit mentioned is used in the same applications, I would like to have your position explained so this doesn't continue and your readers can get the full benefit of this site. Thank you.

Jim Martin
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