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Juanjo Franco

Does anyone on the list have any knowledge about V-Cone flowmeters? I would like to know any experience, advantage or disadvantage you might have found using this kind of flowmeters.

Thanks in advance.
Juan Jose Franco

Bill Townsley

I have used them just once...it was on a dirty gas with very little available dp to work with.

The flow meter worked very well and it was extremely stable at the low end of the flow - something I didn't expect. Overall result - very good.
I would use only in gas service and prferably clean one. If you have any particulates and/or gases that can polymerize, you may have problems with plugging. I have had mixed results with them.

In liquid service no success and in vent header fairly good service. I have a couple 1" monel ones. Personally I do not like them. I have had to take two out of liquid service. In a special vacuum service the items caused to much pressure drop for our vacuum compressors. We had to pull out of service.

Hopes this helps

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We have info on how they work on our site "http://www.flowmeterdirectory.com/flowmter_artc/flowmeter_artc_02031701.html":http://www.flowmeterdirectory.com/flowmter_artc/flowmeter_artc_02031701.html

V-cone meters are only produced by one company. They are good for gas measurent simply because they use an integral flow conditioner. They
are basically a differential pressure meter , as you know all DP's are basically based on Bernoulli's.

The meters are very accurate on gas measurement and could be considered custody transfer accurate. I believe people are working on a
standard for the V-Cone right now.

Hope this helps
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Scott Rosenke

We use alot of them. They work good, create nice laminar flow, very accurate, stable but unfoutunately high in price. Very low pressure drop.
I have used many v-cones in many different services from bitumen to well-head gas. Excellent accuracy and repeatability. They are some what difficult to get the algorithm into flow computer or tx. If you can get a raw dp reading you must use computer to calculate flow rate, unlike orifice plate that has a "sonney wheel" or "slide rule". V-cone is my first choice of flowmeter, providing the medium does not contain rocks larger than 20% of pipe id.
How about V-Cones in custody gas metering? Is it worth using? Anyone has tested V-Cones in gas meterings?
The meter is suitable for custody xfer in gas metering, however API or AGA do not have a standard that is accepted like API 14.3.

There is a testing standard called API 5.7 It could be used to write a custody xfer contract on, however to my knowledge no one has used it. It is fairly new and it covers more than the V-Cone.

Rohit Chandak


Check out ACCELABAR Flow Meter provided you are looking for higher turndown of 65:1 with a DP technology as well as if you don't have any straight length as ACCELABAR doesn't require straight length.

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-Rohit Chandak
Right? (from laughing so hard I may be not be able to complete this email)

1 - How do you achieve a 65 to 1 range of flow (how many transmitters do you need and what ranges do they have)? What is the minimum recordable sensitivity of the transmitter?

2- Where is the detailed flow measurement studies that conclude that the upstream pipe lengths are insignificant? Have these studies been conducted with all possible pipe (upstream and downstream) configurations?

3 - How would you prove the accuracy of the flowmeter for revenue transfer (and would you guarantee accuracy and pay the user any court award)?

There are a number of ways using DP technology for minimum straight run requirements. One can use a Vortab or other flow conditioner with either an ASME nozzle or orifice. We manufacture a nozzle unit with a built in flow plate for just this purpose.

John Catch

Rohit Chandak

To measure the entire flow turndown of 65:1 you will need two DP Transmitters. You can span the entire DP Range into two & use suitable DP Range Transmitters.

Flow Test Reports are available from a repuated flow lab. It is be shared in person to person meeting. The test has been done on shorter straight length as well as longer straigth lengths to see that flow coefficient remain the same at the respective load in both the conditions.

The meter is accurate to give +/-0.75% of reading hence it is not a Custody Transfer Meter to be used for billing purpose.

Rohit Chandak
People laughed at the Wright brothers and Bill Gates also. New technology and technological advancements don't stop. The Accelabar has a field proven record and is performing as advertised.

Caroline Yanz

Hello Dennis,

Do you know Average Velocity Flow meter? It can achieve 65:1 turndown

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Cone meters are now covered by the API MPMS 22.2 document. API 22.2 is used to report the performance of a differential device so the purchaser can make an informed decision. Just because the device is tested as per API 22.2, does not ensure that the device is worthy of use in custody transfer. The purchaser should contact a qualified measurement engineer or consultant to ensure the application and uncertianity is acceptable to all parties.