Vacuum Transmitter Calibration


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William Van Horn

It's not very often that I've had to do this but, I have a transmitter ranged LRL=0 psia & URV=.962 psia & I have to calibrate it. Am I correct in the fact that my LRV gauge is -14.7 & URV gauge is -13.738? I can't quite get to -14.7 with a hand pump or electric vacuum pump (most is -14.5) Do I just set it in software and just get close?

Thank you
It's very hard to get a good vacuum
I would set it near the working range
I think you will also have to take into account the barometric pressure on the day.

Be careful:
(a) -14.7 psig IS NOT ALWAYS 0 psia! (barometric pressure influence)

(b) your span is very small, minor errors in your reference will impact strongly in your measurement

(c) your span begin in 0 psia!....I don´t think you will be able to reach such a vacuum with standard calibration tools

Normal transmitters will deliver important error in your application. I suggest to contact the transmitter manufacturer, and ask them

If very critical, think about send the meter to a accredited laboratory and pay for a traceable calibration and adjustment

Good luck!