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Joao Isidoro

I would like to know how to link an automata to an Ethernet (TCP/IP), isolating the connection at the same time?

I've experienced this problem:
The computer has a connection to the internet.
I am programming inVB, supervising a machine.
The automata is connected to the Ethernet by a BNC-port, in a HUB.
When I communicate with the automata using a PLC-Server application as interface, the IP given is not recognized in the Ethernet. So what the OS thoes is call the Internet connection.
After I cancel the connection, the PLC responds and communicates well with the PLC interface server application and (by default) with my application.

What i need to know is how to prevent this (the connection to the Internet initialized).

Many thanks.

Sage, Pete (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

Sounds like a subnet problem. If you have two network interfaces (e.g. ethernet card and a dial-up) you need to have properly configured subnets so that Windows know which interface to use for communication. Configuring the subnets is done through the control panel in the TCP/IP setup.
Alternatively you can manually specify routes (e.g. which interface to use for which target IP address) by using the route command line program.

Sounds like Win95 which has been "upgraded" for Microsoft iExplorer v4.0.

I had a similar problem - before adding iE 4.0 things worked great (iE puts itself in as a prerequisite to install VB v5.0). After it, even a simple "PING" would cause my ISP connect tool to pop up. I'd have to cancel & then the PING worked fine. Very annoying.

If this is the cause, either reformat & restore the old Win95 & NEVER any iE (meaning NO VB) - or (alas) upgrade to Win98. After I upgraded to Win98 2nd Ed this STUPID "design feature" stopped. I assume this is caused by the iE trying to partially upgrade the old Win95 kernel to mimic some of the new services Win98 provides, and this behavior is a side-effect of this partial
upgrade with Win98.

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