Waste Water Control System


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I am currently looking at a couple of control systems for a waste water application and could use some input from those that have had hands on experience with them.

If you have any opinions on Emerson's Ovation and Yokogawa's Centum good and bad please respond.

The installation will include fieldbus transmitters, standard I/O configurations and interfaces to plant info system/database.
Yokogawa: Good - on-line loading, easy graphics, high speed i/o, 200ms scan (but higher processor loading)
Poor - self documentation is a combination of function block structure, settings lists and CALCU code that is not so easy to follow if not the designer. Also poor - usually a limitation in number of trends that can do 1 sec.

Brian E Boothe

Our Primary Industry is water/wastewater, that's about we have done for the past 25 years. It's a safe bet to go with Industrial wireless Ethernet radios, Allen Bradley ("RSview32", "AB-webserver Software" and "Active-Display / ADS"), 1 Server PC, and however many Client PCs You'll be needing (Extremely Adaptable and Maintainable).

Brian E Boothe
("IT/Network Applications Specialist")

Rodrigo Reyes

The german system WinErs is the right one for such applications, I/O-versatility, compatibility to many Fieldbus protocols, arithmetics easy programming tools allow all type of calculations using analog values. The system has been used many times at WWTP projekts involving neutralization, reactors, pumping strategies, etc.

Please see http://www.schoop.de