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I need to be able to control 10 relays that cycle power or turn off equipment via a web page. I have seen such web enabled controls, however they do not have to total capabilities that are required for my project. I need to push a button on a web page to cycle a relay and I need to view voltages to monitor if the equipment turned off
or not. I also need it to display temperatures and send e-mails if something goes over range. Has anyone thought of PLC's for this? Or would that not work. Any suggestions welcome.
Unfortunately, [email protected] issued a patent on this idea to someone at control.com - who sold it to Schneider Electric (who I think sold it to someone else?).

So the only fully legal way for you to do this is:
1) use a Modicon PLC or I/O device
2) use a PC with Web server linked to OPC (oops, another ongoing patent lawsuit!) or other traditional comms methods to talk remotely to any
other vendor's PLC or I/O modules.

This patent relates to any device with contains BOTH a web server and real-world I/O connected by a back plane. Thus I suspect a case could be made that even adding a relay card to a PC with a Web server violates this patent.

So much for the brave new world of Open/Shared Standards the Web and Ethernet were supposed to bring! Me? I'm officially not supposed to talk about such topics - but since when has an Engineer understood such discretion?

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Petr Fischmann

Hi, Ted,

I would like suggest Modicon TSX Premium, there is an Ethernet module with Embedded Web Server TSX ETY 410, then you can create your own Webpages into above mentioned module. Otherwise, refer on "www.modicon.com":http://www.modicon.com .

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Rabbit Semiconductors has a nice C programmable embedded computer with an Ethernet port. It doesn't (at least, the one I've used) have a native analog capability, but it shouldn't be too hard to use A/D-serial chips to get the signals into it.
In the very near future the Modicon Momentum PLCs are supposed to gain customizable web pages like their larger Quantum and Premium couterparts. This would be a cheap and effective way for you to do what you are asking for. Watch "www.modicon.com":http://www.modicon.com for more info.

Brian E Boothe

i can show you how to do that thru your parrallel port using Client side C# and VB.net Source code
An option would be to use a PC running automationX and no PLC. Since the control resides inside the PC and a fully functional thin web client is no problem, it would be a simple solution. The server solution allows for infinite and inexpensive expansion, and you can control, maintain, manage and share to anyone, anywhere.

You can run the web client Demo software and try it our for real right from our website at "http://www.mnrcan.com":http://www.mnrcan.com .


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One easy way to accomplish this is with LonWorks. On the control side you create a LonWorks network with whatever controls devices you want, there are plenty of digital I/O LonWorks devices available from a variety of companies. Then install an i.Lon 1000 which is a LonWorks/IP router that also contains a webserver. You can build web pages that serve up information from the LonWorks network and vice versa you can have things like the push button that causes an action to occur on the LonWorks side. The products exist today off the shelf and this application can be literally put together in a few hours (the longest time is just creating the web pages you want).

The advantages of this approach are
1) an open system that allows you to buy products from a variety of companies
2) expandability - the control network is scalable from 2 devices to over 32K devices
3) with the i.Lon 1000, you don't need a PC, it is solid state router with webserver

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Consider using a plc such as a modicon momentum that can control all of the I/O and temp readings that you need. Then connect this over ethernet to a pc running iconics software that can serve this data to a web page and allow control from a web page. This system can also send email alerts based on conditions as well as call pagers, etc. This I believe would be a very cost effective solution. You could as previosly suggested use a quantum plc with a 140NOE77110 web server module to control the I/O and view the registers, etc. My only concern would be the initiating an email or call to a pager, etc. The web sites are "www.iconics.com":http://www.iconics.com and "www.modicon.com":http://www.modicon.com

Mark Lochhaas

Advantech has an I/O module that serves a web page using Java which can be modified. The web based I/O modules are the ADAM-6000 Series. The e-mail is a challenge, but Advantech also offers an HMI package that serves web pages and can generate e-mail. It is Advantech Studio. This software is available on a very cost effective small embedded platform called WebLink. You can see these products at their web site: