What is an ole TI505-6851a RBC card


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Like the Summary says:

I am looking for a good description of a card in a PLC TI505 PLC. What is the PPX;505-6851a Remote Base Controller and what does it do? It doesn't appear to be an IO module of any kind. Is it for PLC to PLC communications?

Steve Myres, PE

It is the communication bridge for remote I/O racks.

You put it in the processor slot of a rack of remote I/O, set the node address via the hardware switch on the front, and connect it (or them) on a remote I/O bus. The 545 processor has a remote I/O port built in; I'm not sure about the other 5x5 processors.

I/O configuration for remote I/O is really slick on this platform. You just configure the processor for what remote nodes are connected, then you can assign (or autoassign) decimal base addresses for each slot in the rack. Way easier than "G" files and "M" files and half-rack addressing, etc.
We use 6 RBC's from a TI 505 PLC. The other replies are accurate. But be advised Siemens has discontinued production, has sold most inventory off, and will discontinue support in a few years! FasTraks Softshop is a pricey but very easy program for use with the 505's.


Ronald Nijssen

Please contact the Siemens support website or your local distributor regarding discontinuation of Siemens equipment
As far as I am aware the 505 line has NOT been discontinued
Even if it were to be discontinued today, Siemens guarantees support for a defined number of years
Regarding existing or new remote or local 505 IO racks, Siemens sells a Profibus DP RBC as well, providing prolonged continuity of your system IO
with other controllers
Softshop is a Windows based programming tool for the 505 range controllers